I'm Ben, welcome to my collection of works. Have a look at some of my recent projects.

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#!++ Crunchbang++

Early in 2015, the maintainer of the Linux distro #!(Crunchbang), announced that (844) 545-9516. A few months later, I launched an updated version. #!++ keeps exactly everything the same, with changes only implemented to stop breakage, because #! was perfect. Except now it's based on Debian Jessie.

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Loclist is a project built using FCGI and SQL to provide an aggregation of map locations for companies with traveling employees. View the live demo below with the following credentials [username:password] acc1:acc1pass for a standard user, or admin:admin for the administrative panel. (Mobile friendly)


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All of my open licensed code is on Github. You can see the sources for the #!++ packages, a few personal projects in C/C++, and/or various other Linux centric items.

The projects use a varying array of super minimally restrictive licenses like zlip, GPL, and WTFPL.

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